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Welcome Interns from NUAA


Welcome Interns from NUAA

On July 8, 2019, a group of interns from the College of Energy and Power Engineering of NUAA (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) visited E&E Turbo. In this scorching summer, led by Professor Zhigang Sun, 14 students in Elite class of Aircraft Power Engineering had a one-month internship in our company.


During this internship, the students had a different practical experience:

(1) Company visit

(2) Professional Training

(3) Field operation

(4) Summary and Q&A


1. Company visit

Description of Production in E&E


931566370129749.jpg     4911566370129287.jpg

Description of the history and development of E&E


3591566370212519.jpg      5971566370217300.jpg

2. Professional Training

From July 8th to August 2nd, 2019, the company's technical team organized four training sessions for the intern students, covering turbocharger design and structure, materials, processing and assembly.


8451566370283435.jpg     1541566370278118.jpg

3. Field operation

Practice goes deeper than theoretic knowledge. Combination of theory and practice can better apply professional knowledge to practice.

8311566370368654.jpg     9021566370368610.jpg     2541566370368418.jpg     6951566370369396.jpg

4. Summary and Q&A

Before the end of the internship, E&E organized four summary defense meetings. This group of lovely college students actively expressed their opinions on the company and the profession. The company leaders answered their questions.

5451566370471591.jpg      5041566370472284.jpg       890156637047281.jpg



The College of Energy and Power Engineering, founded in 1952, is one of the oldest and most distinctive colleges in NUAA. It is also an important base for the training and scientific research of high level talents in aviation and aerospace power, energy and vehicle industry.


Under the arrangement of E&E, the interns deeply felt the care of all the staff of E&E, and determined to study and practise earnestly in this month, to improve their skills and experience of working.



Professor Sun, the intern students and the company leaders took a group photo.


Finally, E&E expects that after your internship, you will be able to combine what you have learned and seen in the practice with your theoretical knowledge in the school, and improve in all fields. Bless you!

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