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Turbine Wheels / Shaft & Wheels


E&E Turbo can be able to supply an extensive range of turbine wheels / shaft & wheels, covering 20 ~ 270 mm diameter with more than 1, 000 different models.


All E&E Turbo turbine wheels are manufactured using Inconel 713c up to 850° degree with 75% nickel content (Upgraded material M2004 for high end users).So E&E Turbo can make high quality inconel shaft turbine wheel.

E&E Shaft wheel with plate closed, single or twin piston rings, reverse, cutback and performance ball bearing can be 100% made in house.

E&E Turbo use Electron Beam Welding and Friction Welding. After electron welding, the welded area is totally inspected by Ultra Sonic Testing to ensure quality and reliability.

Full-Scale dimensional inspection is conducted after automatic production. Including turbine blades, inducer sizes, exducer sizes, tip height, contour, turbine wheel length etc.

Automatic-Production Lines allow E&E very proud of being the pioneer in the aftermarket. Now, E&E Turbo has the capability of producing 60,000 pcs per month.

To improve accuracy, E&E Turbo use Schenck Automatic Balancing machine with air bearings to minimize errors, better than traditional balancing procedures.

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