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Billet Compressor Wheel, also called MFS Wheel (Machined from Solid), is made from a piece of solid alloy by 5 axial CNC machine with high processing quality.

E&E Turbo selects aluminum alloy with higher strength-to-weight ratio, higher tensile strength and good corrosion resistance after testing under high temperature.E&E Turbo is a professional billet compressor wheel manufacturer.

At present, we have more than 200 kinds of billet compressor wheels available for

● Trial & Small order for performance / racing design;

● Middle & Large Volume production for OE design in the automotive aftermarket;

● Customized order (Interchangeable with casting compressor wheels)

● Anodized billet compressor wheels with a shinny color in surface (Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, etc)


Billet Compressor Wheels we supply are balanced preferably on single plane on automatic balancing machine with extreme measuring accuracy by using air bearings to minimize errors (residual unbalance, clamping error of tooling and deformation of the center bore) in traditional balancing procedures. 

E&E Turbo is also the pioneer that has the processing ability to manufacture Titanium-Billet CW for turbochargers in the aftermarket. We utilize Aero & Space aircraft grade material with excellent performance and durability, this material is usually for fan and compressor wheel for jet engine. 

With an ever-growing range of billet compressor wheels, E&E Turbo is committed to be your perfect and reliable partner!

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