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Anti wear measures of compressor wheel


The compressor wheel is an important part of the turbocharger.

But in the actual operation of turbochargers, the compressor wheel is vulnerable to wear and tear.

Therefore, some measures should be taken to prevent compressor wheel wear.


As a professional billet compressor wheel manufacturer,E&E Turbo has a very deep study of compressor wheel.

The following are some of the anti wear information we know.

billet compressor wheel


1. Anti wear coatings

Resin antisepsis and abrasion resistant coatings, rubber anticorrosive and wear-resistant coatings, quartz water glass and ceramic anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials are common wear resistant coatings on the market.


2. Surfacing on the surface of the compressor wheel

Surface surfacing is to choose a certain welding electrode (or welding wire), and manual arc (or automatic welding) is surfacing to the worn parts of the blade to improve the blade surface quality, so as to protect the blade and improve the life of the blade.


3. spray welding (spray) on the surface of the compressor wheel

The spray welding process is the process of injecting and melting the self fusible alloy powder with the heat source on the surface of the workpiece and forming a compact spray welding layer.

Now all spray welding wear resistant powder basically adopts Ni-Cr-B-Si series of nickel based spray welding powder.


E&E Turbo is professional billet compressor wheel manufacturer.Welcome to E&E Turbo to visit and purchase the products you want.


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