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What is remanufacture? What is Turbo remanufacturing technology?


Many people do not know the existence of the "remanufacturing" industry. 

So when they were asked, "After you changed the new turbocharger, where did the old turbocharger go?" 

They can only answer, I don't know. Maybe the old turbocharger was sold as scrap iron and dissolved into new steel.

Some of the old turbochargers are not completely damaged. Treating them as waste products is a waste.

E&E Turbo has mastered Turbo remanufacturing technology, so that the old turbocharger can be reborn.

Remanufacturing is the process of revitalized old machinery and equipment.

The Turbo remanufacturingprocess takes old machine and equipment as blanks, adopts special technology and technology, and makes a new manufacturing on the basis of original manufacturing.

The newly manufactured product is superior to the original product in both its performance and quality.

Scientifically speaking, remanufacturing is a kind of industry that implements high technology repair and transformation of waste products.

This technology is aimed at the damage or discarded parts, on the basis of analysis of performance failure analysis, life assessment and so on, for remanufacturing engineering design, using a series of related advanced manufacturing techniques to make the quality of the remanufactured product reach or exceed the new product.

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