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What is compressor wheel?


Compressor wheel, also known as working wheel, is the only component in centrifugal compressor that works on air flow.

As a professional billet compressor wheel manufacturer,E&E Turbo has a very deep study of compressor wheel.

The compressor wheel is mainly composed of roulette, wheel cover and blade. Under the action of compressor wheel blades, the centrifugal force is generated when the compressor wheel rotates at high speed.

The centrifugal force of the gas and the diffuser flow in the compressor wheel make the pressure increase through the compressor wheel.


There are different types of compressor wheel to suit different needs.

According to the structural form, the compressor wheel is divided into 3 types: open type, semi open type and closed type. In most cases, the latter two kinds of compressor wheel are widely used in the compressor.


Open compressor wheel

Its structure is the simplest, only composed of hub and radial blade.

This channel is disadvantageous to the flow of gas, and the loss of gas flow is very large.

 In addition, the friction loss caused between the compressor wheel and the casing is also the largest, so the compressor wheel has the lowest efficiency and is rarely used in the compressor.


Half open compressor wheel

One side of the blade groove is closed by the roulette, and the other side is opened to become a gas passage, thereby reducing the flow loss and improving the efficiency.

 In addition, there is a pressure difference between the two sides of the blade, which makes the gas subsurface through the top of the blade from one channel to the other, thus the efficiency of the compressor wheel is still not high, which is lower than that of the closed compressor wheel.

However, because the compressor wheel has no wheel cover, it is often the main compressor wheel form of single stage turbocharger.


E&E Turbo is professional billet compressor wheel manufacturer.Welcome to E&E Turbo to visit and purchase the products you want.


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