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Compressor Wheels / Impellers


E&E Turbo Compressor wheels, ranging 35~200 mm diameter, are ready for assembly and applied them on the smallest smart cars through to the larger commercial vehicles.


E&E compressor wheels are manufactured of high quality aluminum alloy- C355 without HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) . C354 with HIP is developed by E&E R&D team and will be available soon.

Billet / Milled / MFS / Forged CNC aluminium, titanium, stainless steel compressor wheels with boreless style can be provided from E&E Turbo. Selecting aluminium alloy with higher strength-to-weight ratio, higher tensile strength and good corrosion resistance after testing under high temperature for billet compressor wheels.

E&E has the capability of middle and large volume production for OE design in the automotive aftermarket and customized casting mold compressor wheel into billet compressor wheel with a shinny color on surface (Black, Yellow, Red, Blue etc).

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